i-Ready Home Instructions

i-Ready Home Instructions
Posted on 12/21/2018
i-Ready "I hit my target!" brag tagIn order to complete the winter break i-Ready challenge, students can use the following steps to access i-Ready from home. Students that complete 120 minutes of reading and 120 minutes of math over the break will earn a brag tag.

Access the district portal login from home by typing mysdpbc.org into the web browser's address bar (Google Chrome is the preferred browser for i-Ready).

District portal login at mysdpbc.org

The student should enter the same username and password they use at school. It should then take them into their district portal, where they can then choose the i-Ready tile.

District portal with i-Ready tile indicated

Then they'll have the option of choosing Reading or Math as normal.

i-Ready home screen

See below for system requirements and technical troubleshooting documents from i-Ready, as well as additional instructions for logging into i-Ready on an iPad.