Welcome to Kindergarten
Welcome to Kindergarten! We look forward to working with your child on Oral Language Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Social Skills, Reading, Writing, Science, and Social Studies. With your participation in and out of the classroom, we can look forward to a very productive year.

Each child should have a 1-inch black binder with a black homework/notes folder. Agendas will be given and put in the binder. It is the teacher’s responsibility to look at the child’s binder/folder every day. It is the child’s responsibility to bring their binder/agenda every day and they will receive a stamp/star on their agenda. Parents are responsible to look at the agendas/folders every day for notes/homework and sign their child’s agenda.

Homework Policy
Homework calendars are put in the child’s folder every Monday and homework is to be sent back to school the following Monday. Homework papers are activities/papers about material that has been taught during the week to your child. Students also will receive a bag of homework books that are sent home on Monday and returned the following Monday. These books are to be read every day and a reading log/writing activity is sent home along with the books. Students will often get word cards, letter charts, syllable cards (Spanish) to help with their learning. Students in the dual language program will receive homework in both English and Spanish.