Welcome to Media
Welcome to our Library Media Center! Melaleuca’s Media Center is committed to supporting the academic curriculum, as well as promoting reading for pleasure. Our Media Center has more than 12,000 books available for students and teachers to check out. We also have computers available so students may access a variety of databases to which the school district’s Library Media Services division subscribes on our behalf.

Units to be Covered

  • Literature Appreciation: Students work with various genre, including fables, folktales, and informational materials.
  • Information Retrieval: Utilizing print materials, as well as non-print resources such as those found in Learning Tools, students learn to gather the information they need.
  • Digital Citizenship: Through our Techsafe instructional program, students learn to keep both themselves and their computers safe when using the internet.
  • A portion of each Media class is set aside as a time for students to browse through the library collection, check out books, read, or utilize computers for research or participation in our school-wide Reading Counts program.