4th Grade Trip to St. Augustine

4th Grade Trip to St. Augustine
Posted on 02/14/2018

Our Trip to St. Augustine
By Kilean

We went to St. Augustine March 16, 2018. On the ride we watched movies. When we got to St. Augustine, we took a trolley to “The Fountain of Youth”. When we got there we went to a place that showed us how to shot these cannons. There is this big heavy ball that you use with the cannon to help it shoot. After, we did that we went to another place very close to the last one that showed us how to shoot guns from a long time ago. “It took at least 30 second – 1 minute to load and fire these guns” said the man teaching us. After, that show was over we went to go drink water from “The Fountain of Youth”. Fountain of YouthI thought that was really cool, although the water tasted different then the water that we drink. Once we were done we went to another place that taught us about their food. “Before, the Spanish came they only ate thing that were in the wild” said the women teaching us. Soon after that was done, we went to go eat lunch. We had subs. It was good. Then, we got on another trolley to tour Down Town St. Augustine. In a matter of time we have seen almost all the parts of Down Town St. Augustine so, we headed our way to the jail. The jail was scary but also cool. It had a scary back round story. They locked us up for about 5 minutes I have to say it was cool. Soon after, we explored the jail and got on another trolley to take us to the Fort. Group at FortThis part was really they shot really loud cannons and were wearing outfits that looked they were ready to battel. We went to each room. Some had the beds which were made from hay. That does not sound like something I would want to sleep on. Later on, we left and went gift shopping. Then, we were on the road. At about 15 – 20 minutes into the trip we stopped at Golden Corral to get food. We all ate just what we needed.  We started on the road again. Everyone fell asleep. We got home and could say that was one awesome trip. I loved and I am sure all my friends did to.Group 2 at Fort